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Company overview

  • Mission

    To provide Contract Formation and Lifecycle Management expertise so that commercial, government, and semi-government entities, and individuals contract for a paragon relationship

  • Vision

    To be the world’s point of contact for contract management services

Contract for a paragon relationship

Contract Management Services for any industry

Contract Formation Process

Any agreement/contract

• Drafting
• Reviewing
• Negotiating
• Amending

Contract Lifecycle Management

At pre and post award phases

• Interpreting terms and conditions
• Managing contractual documentation
• Recovering contractual debt
• Assigning/novating agreement/contract

Dispute Resolution Management

During and after execution

• Resolution of contractual disputes
• Advising on rights and obligations

A rich portfolio of contracts and agreements including ...


Telecommunication projects

Equipment sale
Fee sharing

Design, build, and operate Employment
Manpower supply

Proof of concept
Service level
Settlement (e.g. payment of outstanding fees, to complete outstanding work)

Professional services
Project support
Sale and purchase
Supply and installation


Six advantages ...

01 - Cost-effective

- Hourly Rate | Starting from AED 500
- Per Agreement Rate | Starting from AED 1000
- Monthly Retainer | Starting from AED 5000

02 - Specialist

Contract managers are solicitors and barristers from United Kingdom
They possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to work on any agreement/ contract and in any industry

03 - Flexible

A dedicated Contract Manager is assigned to a client and is assisted by a team to serve clients 24/7/365

Multiple contracts/agreements can be worked on simultaneously, which an in-house contract manager/counsel cannot manage

04 - Expeditious

A team of contract managers rather than one or two in-house practitioner(s) means work is completed without delay

05 - Neutral

No inter-departmental disagreement to delay approval
Objective voice to negotiate terms and conditions

06 - Confidential

A Confidential Disclosure Agreement is signed to protect clients’ proprietary information

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